The nice people at TRX have introduced a feature which enables distributors to create targeted campaigns to promote their titles to TRX’s community of more than 600 buyers around the world.

Distributors use TRX to reach new buyers as well as to push new content to their existing clients. With this in mind, we are launching Campaign Builder - a better way to target buyers based on their footprint and broadcast platforms.

So try it out and check out the results for yourself. It will be life-changing, we promise

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Creating a campaign

Select Campaigns from the left-hand navigation menu.

You can choose whether you’d like to target a specific buyer or whether you’d like to reach new buyers through TRX.

Reach new buyers

To target new buyers, simply select the footprint (territories) and platforms on which you’d like to focus. We’ll display all buyers (companies and individuals) that meet your criteria.

Alternatively, if you know the name of the specific broadcaster you’d like to target, you can enter the name via the specific buyer option on the Campaign homepage.

Select your titles

Choose the titles you’d like to include in your campaign. For clients using the TRX API, we will soon be able to show you which of your titles are available to your target buyers, based on their footprint and broadcast platforms, and data from your rights management system.​

Review your campaign

Review you campaign before sending it to buyers. You can add or change your selected titles and/or buyers at any point.

Send your campaign

Hit send and your campaign will be sent to your targeted buyers. You’ll also receive an email copy of the campaign.

We hope you find Campaign Builder useful. We’d love to hear your feedback.

If you have any questions, the TRX Client Service Team is on hand to help.